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Putting the Human At the Heart of Design


Karen approached us as she re-evaluating her architecture business alongside her partner Ronan. Drawing from her extensive experience, Karen aimed to infuse a deeper sense of human-centric design into their practice. Together, they envisioned a fusion of architecture and spatial flow that prioritised human needs. We were immediately drawn to this innovative concept and eagerly collaborated with Karen to breathe life into it through her website.

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Project Overview

Under the banner of Dwellbeing, Karen and Ronan sought to elevate their architectural practice. With a brand identity in hand, courtesy of a talented designer, Karen entrusted us to translate their vision into a captivating digital presence.

Given the nature of their work in design, it was imperative that the website reflected the quality and craftsmanship of their practice. We embraced this challenge wholeheartedly.

Karen’s vision for the website was crystal clear, with a focus on:

  • Eye-Catching: Capturing visitors’ attention with visually striking design elements.
  • Easy to Use: Ensuring seamless navigation and user experience.
  • Distinction Between Services: Clearly dividing the various services offered by Dwellbeing.
  • Easy to Purchase Journals: Facilitating effortless purchasing of their specialised journal.

The Process

Our collaboration with Karen commenced with several insightful discussions to ensure we understood every nuance of her vision. Given the industry the business sits in, attention to detail was paramount. From the outset of development, we strived for perfection, mindful of the need to uphold the highest standards.

As Dwellbeing was a new concept, and Karen’s business was in a phase of growth, ongoing communication was essential.

As the website took shape and ideas evolved into tangible visions, it became evident that certain aspects required refinement. We worked through the build process, ensuring that the website was exactly how Karen envisioned it.

As Dwellbeing continues to expand, so does our understanding of their business, fostering a collaborative partnership that thrives on innovation and growth.

Content Creation
User Testing

Project Details

Technology Used

  • WordPress

  • WooCommerce

project length

  • 10 weeks

website features

  • An integrated quiz that sends people an email with their answers to understand more about their style, psychology, and needs for their home.

Dwellbeing website homepage