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Foxes Bow Whiskey

Web Design for Ireland's Favourite Whiskey

We were thrilled to be a part of this exciting project with Foxes Bow, a brand that’s redefining the whiskey industry with their bold motto, “How should you drink Foxes Bow Whiskey? However the F’ck you want.” We absolutely love it!

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Project Overview

Creating a website for Foxes Bow was an inspiring challenge. The brand was all about being bold and edgy, and it was essential that their website reflected this ethos. Having already invested significant time in crafting their brand identity, Foxes Bow came to us with a clear vision of the style they needed for their website.

The team at Foxes Bow had a precise vision for their website, which included making it:

  • Bold: To stand out in the whiskey industry.
  • Eye-Catching: To captivate their audience’s attention.
  • Easy to Purchase: Ensuring a smooth buying experience for their customers.
  • Easy to Find a Stockist: To help customers locate their products with ease.
  • A Place for Learning: To provide visitors with insights into their brand and what makes them different.
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The Process

Our journey with Foxes Bow began with a comprehensive discussion with Alice and Tony. Their clarity about their requirements and their meticulously detailed branding assets made it a straightforward process to understand their needs and objectives. With a shared vision in place, we embarked on the design phase.

The design phase was a creative journey, thanks to Foxes Bow’s unique branding. We developed a website design that perfectly encapsulated their brand identity. Once we had everyone’s approval for the design, we transitioned to the development phase.

The development and content implementation were the more time-intensive aspects of this project. The website featured an edgy layout with different weighted fonts, which required meticulous attention to detail to ensure that every aspect of the styling was impeccable.

In the end, we successfully delivered a website that they said not only met but exceeded Foxes Bow’s expectations, staying true to their bold and edgy brand identity. It was a project we’re truly proud of and one that perfectly represents the essence of Foxes Bow and their distinct approach to whiskey.

Design Collaboration
User Testing
Client Training

Project Details

Technology Used

  • WordPress

  • WooCommerce

project length

  • 8 weeks

website features

  • Age gate

  • Newsletter pop-up

  • Distribution integration support

  • Find a stockist map


Couldn’t recommend Cherry Bird Agency higher. Aaron and Joanne ensure every need is met with meticulous attention to detail and incredible design capabilities. They constantly go above and beyond for our brand and we’re very lucky to have worked with them on the launch of the Foxes Bow Whiskey website, up to scaling it to new markets. No feat is too great, it seems like whatever challenge we’ve presented, they always find a way. 5 STARS

Alice Carroll Foxes Bow Whiskey