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Acclaimed Fine Dining Restaurant

The Old Bank

In a collaborative effort with Ciara, the marketing manager of The Old Bank, we embarked on a journey to craft a website that elegantly mirrors the restaurant’s dedication to excellence in its culinary artistry and ingredient choices.

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Project Overview

Our primary mission was to capture the very essence of The Old Bank’s interior, ensuring that the colour palette we selected harmonised seamlessly with the ambiance of the restaurant.

In alignment with the client’s objectives, we designed the website to allow visitors to easily reserve a table, purchase gift vouchers, and explore the exquisite range of locally sourced ingredients that grace every dish at this establishment.

Ciara’s vision for their website was succinct yet comprehensive, aiming to:

  • Mirror Restaurant: Reflect the restaurant’s style and colour palette.
  • Clean: Maintain a clean and polished aesthetic.
  • Quality: Uphold a standard of quality that mirrors The Old Bank’s culinary offerings.

The Process

Our initial conversation with Ciara provided us with a glimpse into her vision for the website. However, to fully comprehend the aesthetics and design requirements, it was crucial for us to receive images and content that would serve as the foundation for the website’s look and feel. Images, in particular, played a pivotal role in shaping the overall design.

Once we received these high-end visual assets, our creative process was set in motion. The quality of the images inspired us to curate a design that would seamlessly integrate them into the website. We selected specific design elements to impart that high-end, sophisticated ambiance to the site.

The development stage of this project demanded close attention to detail to ensure every element of the website exuded perfection, much like what one would expect in a high-end restaurant. We believe we have successfully achieved this goal.

The end result is a website that captures the essence of The Old Bank, seamlessly blending its ambiance, elegance, and dedication to excellence into a digital platform that reflects the restaurant’s commitment to delivering a memorable dining experience.

Design Ideation
User Testing
Client Training Videos

Project Details

Technology Used

  • WordPress

  • E-Commerce

project length

  • 8 weeks

Website Features

  • Online booking for all restaurant areas

  • Gift card purchasing