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Design Gift Store with 10% of sales going to an Irish Charity

Wrapped In Kindness

Wrapped in Kindness is a heartfelt curation of contemporary Irish Design gifts with a truly unique charitable twist: 10% of the value of each order goes to an Irish charity of your choice. We were deeply moved by the altruistic spirit behind this endeavor, all thanks to the visionary owner, Julie.

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Project Overview

Julie discovered us through a recommendation from Lisa at Finder’s Keepers, a website we had the privilege to create. With a well-defined vision for her online store, Julie had invested time in envisioning its aesthetics and functionality. Having already worked with a designer on her branding, she sought our expertise to bring her creative assets to life.

Julie’s journey began with a modest E-Commerce shop, but she had grand plans for its growth in the future.

Julie aimed for her website to be:

  • Easy to Use: A user-friendly platform for seamless navigation.
  • Easy to Filter Through Products: A simplified product search and filter system.
  • Seamless Shopping Experience: An effortless and enjoyable shopping journey.
  • Straightforward Charity Donation: A hassle-free method for customers to contribute to their chosen charity.

The Process

Our journey with Julie commenced with informative discussions, where we gained a comprehensive understanding of her website’s unique requirements. While the concept was essentially that of a standard E-Commerce platform, Julie had additional special features in mind that were integral to Wrapped in Kindness’s mission.

The focal point of the website was the remarkable 10% donation of all sales to a charity partner. It was crucial to seamlessly incorporate this feature into the site, allowing customers to easily select a charity partner during the checkout process. We achieved this by prominently displaying the option on the checkout page, making it easily visible and accessible through a dropdown menu.

Recognising Julie’s aspiration for future growth, we ensured that the website was equipped from the outset to accommodate expansion. This was achieved by implementing a versatile product filter for sorting items based on both price and category, setting the stage for Wrapped in Kindness to flourish as Julie’s vision unfolds.

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Project Details

Technology Used

  • WordPress

  • WooCommerce

project length

  • 8 weeks

website features

  • Option to select 1 of 10 charity partners for 10% donation

  • Filter products by price and category


Joanne & Aaron built my wordpress website in 2021 and I’m absolutely thrilled with it. It is an e-commerce website selling Irish design gifts with 10% of every sale going to an Irish charity of the customers choice.

From the outset, they were so helpful and guided me in what I needed to have ready ahead of the website build work actually starting. They respected the look and feel of my brand in terms of logo, colours & graphics and ensured these were built into the website. They delivered the website bang on time and created and shared several videos with me so that I was able to edit it myself.

Customers give me great feedback that the website looks lovely and is very easy to use.

There was an extra feature I needed on the checkout page to allow customers to pick a charity partner for a donation and that was no problem at all for them to incorporate into the build.

They are always just an email away if I need to ask them anything about it and are a pleasure to work with.

I highly recommend Cherry Bird Agency!


Julie Wrapped In Kindness